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LVD Warriors Tutoring

Welcome to LVD Warriors Academic Tutoring Service! Led by Peter Epstein, our experienced teacher and licensed learning specialist, we provide personalized academic support for your child. From SAT/ACT Prep to College Admissions guidance, we're here to help unlock your child's potential!

Homework  Helper

Monday - Thursday: 4- 7:30 PM

Friday: 3 - 5 PM

  • Monitored homework assistance in  30 or 60 min intervals

  • 5:1 student to instructor ratio.

  • Clarification ticket for completed or incomplete work and notes/comments.

  • Not for content tutoring

  • Pricing varies

1 on 1  Tutoring

  • Specialist teachers for content areas K-12

  • Focus on individual learning styles

  • 1:1 ratio with certified instructor

  • Minimum 5 sessions

  • Fixed price of $400

On Track Program

  • Enhances executive functioning skills

  • Covers time management, organization skills, test prep, study guides, self-advocacy

  • Communication with school officials allowed

  • Minimum 2 hours/week.

  • 1:1 ratio with certified instructor

  • Pricing varies

What Our Students & Parents Say

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Gabriella H

My son was struggling academically and his confidence had never been as low. Peter and his team took the reigns and got Alex back on track! He learned to manage his time, prioritize his work, and develop better strategies for success! Peter’s experience in schools and his ability to connect with his students made all the difference with my son."
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